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Thanksgiving is Marinated Mushrooms and Glazed Carrots

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Thanksgiving is marinated mushrooms and Glazed carrots. 

That’s how us vegans do it, if you can bare it. 

Not a turkey is harmed just to be placed on the table.

No, this isn’t some holiday fable. 

Have you ever had mashed potatoes without gravy? 

Stuffing that’s never been stuffed, are we crazy?

Maybe to some, we seem just a bit off

When we begin to pass the rice pilaf. 

Or maybe it’s the vegetable medley that’s making you quite cross.

I get your bewilderment, hesitation, confusion.

That this is some well disguised holiday illusion. 

I was once in your shoes, yes, a vegan beginner. 

But don’t knock it until you try our Thanksgiving dinner.


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