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Thoughts While Drowning

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Last minute questions to ask while drowning.

Last minute considerations, time allowing.

Is this really how I end?

Will anyone miss me when I’m gone?

How much time did I misspend?

What goals should I have acted on?

Would my children have gone on to be successful?

Did I finally kick that smoking habit?

Were there inner demons I forgot to wrestle?

Why didn’t I put on that damn lifejacket?

Each thought pours into bubbles that float from my mouth

To break to the surface where they couldn’t hear me shout

Where they couldn’t see my head dip below the waves

Where I raised my arms high hoping the sea wouldn’t be my grave

But still I sank.

I sank.

I sank.

With no one but myself to thank

And no one but myself to talk to

When you’re dying what else is there to do?

Time no longer a possession

Thoughts reaching their final session

Last bubbles float to air I’ll never see again

Here is my forever in the depths and then


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