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Thrift Shopping 101

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

As the owner of a thrift shop, it's safe to say that I spend a majority of my time searching for cool finds. I began when I was a sophomore in high school, mainly for records, but as I got older I wanted to find some of the cool clothing pieces that I was seeing other cool thrift fiends find when they went to the thrift store. I wanted to know their secrets. I was mostly finding everyday basics that I could find at the mall, not something that felt unique or something that the majority of my peers wouldn't have in their closets (closet gold as I call it).

So here are 8 tips that I feel have helped me step up my thrifting game tremendously:

1. Make a list of wish list items before you head to the store!

2. Be aware of sale days.

3. Sign up for newsletters/coupon mailing lists.

4. The time of day that you go. (Stick to when it opens and late evenings).

5. Give yourself ample amounts of time to explore the store.

6. Shop in the kid's section.

7. Shop long sleeves and t-shirts in the men's section.

8. Organize the way you shop around the store.

Hope these tips help you find all of the items of your dreams! Let me know what you find!

Check out my Youtube video to learn why I use each of these tips.


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