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Nice to meet you!

Hi! My name is Bre Westry. I am a 23 year old writer, videographer, artist, stylist, and small business owner. Someone once described me as a "Babe of all Trades". 


I am the former Multimedia Marketing specialist at DoubleHorn Cloud Solutions, a cloud brokerage firm in Austin, Texas, and Liftr Insights. Austin has become my home after moving here from New Orleans after graduating high school. 


I completed my B.A. in Writing and Rhetoric with a concentration in Journalism and Digital Media at St. Edward's University here in 2019. 

I am the founder of  West Crescent Creations and West Crescent Vintage. I also host the podcast "Syck Beachh: The Podcast", which follows the career journeys of up-and-coming millenial and Gen-Z creatives and visionaries; available on all major podcast streaming platforms.


Growing up, I always sat at my parents' clunky old PC writing stories, visited the library every Saturday, and filmed videos with my friends doing ridiculous skits and shorts.


When I got to college, I spent my first two years as a biology pre-veterinary major, during which I got to study population systems in the Panama jungle. After taking a literature course titled "Literature and the Uncanny", my passion for English and the creative process overtook my passion to become a vet (though I'll always still love animals very much; just ask my pup Endymion). 

Creating art of any kind brings me immense joy. 


My goals are to one day direct and film documentaries, expand my store and podcast, and write my own poetry book.

Thank you for checking out my website!

Bre Westry

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