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Where Has This Podcast Been All My Young Adult Life??!!?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The Girl Cult Podcast offers a refreshing look at the new millennial woman, featuring many familiar faces in the boss woman/influencer community.


Ok, what! I must have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, because I had neglected to listen to the Girl Cult Podcast before a couple of weeks ago.. The podcast, brought to life by Lexie Jairas and Galore, is everything this twenty-something year-old girl could have wanted and would have STILL wanted during her awkward teenage years. Each guest offers insights from their experiences on how they've grown as women in their personal lives, careers, and more. They get genuinely vulnerable with this audience, us, that they will never truly see or know; but they treat us as if we will.

Girl Cult Podcast (via. Itunes)

After listening to this podcast, I feel invigorated as a woman. It's making me feel more confident in myself and my decisions. It's made me want to buckle down in my passions and goals to make sure that I am able to see them through to fruition. I always collected a huge list of podcasts that my friends said I needed to listen to or had to hear, but I never got completely hooked. That changed after Girl Cult. I found that it was easy to connect to the host Lexie and each guest that she brought along to converse with for the hour and thirty minutes. The conversation style is easy and natural. You feel as if you are sitting on the couch with them, listening along as they share what life has taught them; they are your friends or your older siblings.

The first episode that I had the pleasure of listening to was the Maddi Bragg episode. Now, I have followed Maddi Bragg over the years on Youtube and had no idea what she was up to once she had stopped posting videos. I figured it was the usual story of burn-out; but I soon learned that it was so much more than that. Bragg had spent her hiatus away from Youtube rediscovering herself.

Maddi Bragg (@maddibragg)

She is currently pursuing a career as a chef and shares during the podcast the hard work that she has put into reaching this goal. I really feel that this podcast of only a little more than a hour in length has let me deeper into the inner workings of Bragg than I have in any of her years on Youtube. She has inspired me to not let one path you thought was your yellow brick road be the only one you can walk down. There are multiple paths you can take that will lead you to possible futures; all where you are succeeding like the badass you want to be.

As soon as Bragg's episode had finished, I clicked subscribe to Girl Cult and began to binge more episodes as I commuted to campus, my internship, and taking out the garbage. I have now completed Devon Carlson, Justine Biticon, and Jordyn Woods' episodes and cannot wait to binge the rest and be a continuing listener in the future.

Jordyn Woods (@jordynwoods)

Devon Carlson (@devonleecarlson)

Justine Biticon (@justinemaebiticon)

I suggest that everyone that believes in female empowerment give this podcast a listen. Play it when you're in the shower, doing the dishes, walking your dog, in the car. JUST LISTEN TO IT! Here are a couple of places for you to listen:



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