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Understanding Keywords For Online Posts

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Making sure that your online posts reach as many eyes as possible is a challenge that online content creators in many different industries are continually trying to overcome; especially in journalism. Using SEO and keywords allows search aggregation websites such as Google to help organize web content to better be found by searchers.

Here is an example of using keywords to expand your reach volume.

1. “Seed” word/phrase- Coastal Flooding

You are always going to want to start with a broad idea/topic that you can narrow down as you continue your search.

2. Keyword Gathering- Coastal flooding, coastal flooding map, coastal flooding climate change, coastal flooding north Carolina

Use tools like Google Suggest and Ask The People to gather a larger number of keywords for your online content.

3. Understanding keyword metrics –

Use tools such as Google Trends to see how often your keyword has been searched over a period of time and in what areas.

4. Organize and prioritize keywords- Final keywords: Coastal flooding, coastal flooding map, coastal flooding definition, , coastal flooding and erosion, coastal flooding climate change, coastal flooding North Carolina, coastal flooding Florida, coastal flooding predictions, coastal flooding today, coastal flooding

From here you can organize your keywords that you gathered to create a keyword plan for your online post. This should help increase traffic to your web page.

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1 Comment

Eva L
Eva L
Aug 21, 2021

Thank you for tthis

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